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Family Portraits

Family portraits are a great way to bring everyone together and freeze the little moments in life that bring the biggest bundles of happiness.

Life comes in waves and chapters.

As time changes, your family does too. Family portraiture is a wonderful way to relive moments and look back at the different phases of your family.

Our online timelines are full of numerous cellphone images of our family and friends, but how many of them properly capture everyone's essence? How many of those photos include the whole family?


Fill your walls at home with with the creative and meaningful artwork that is your family. In a time where images are constantly being shared everywhere, professional photography will stand out from the rest and timelessly preserve your families memories for generations. 



John Smedley

Danielle is one of the most versatile and hard working photographers that I have ever met. She always captures those right moments that leaves your heart melting. I’d recommend her to anyone!! 5 stars HANDS DOWN. She’s the person you want.


Hannah Burkardt

Danielle is fun and patient! We had our two crazy dogs on our shoot and Danielle knew just what to do to get the best photos! I’m not sure how she did it but she did a FANTASTIC JOB I will be using her for every family photo session we ever need! And I am going to recommend her to EVERYONE I KNOW! 💕💕💕


Taylor O'Connor

Honestly, it was a wonderful, professional experience! She knew exactly where to go based off my suggestions. She told me everything I needed to bring. It was quick enough in each area we took photos where it didn't seem like it was dragging on but long enough to where I felt like a lot of the shots probably came out very well thanks to her coaching on how I should be smiling/standing/posing if I didn't have any other ideas on what to do. 10/10!


Danielle La Photography
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