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About Me


Hello! I am Danielle Lachenauer 

and there is nothing that I love more than creating photographs.


I first realized I had a calling to photography back in high school. Then fast forward a decade and it is still my favorite subject! 

Outside of photography I am an avid figure skater and gamer. You can catch me at the ice rink or at local anime/gaming conventions.


I'm always up for exploring and embarking on a new adventure.
I am from Phoenix but I love travel.
I do weddings out of state and country too!

If you're looking for a photographer that is honest, hardworking, responsive, passionate, highly experienced, and affordable, I'm your girl!

Don't be shy! Send me a message! I'd love to get to know you and about the photo shoot you're planning so I can provide you with more details. We can work together to create timeless imagery that you're going to cherish! 

About my Work

My Style

A wedding is an extremely significant milestone in your life, to you, your family, and your friends. By the end of it all, the photographs will preserve your dearest memories. As life goes on people may come and go, but these photographs will continue to live on. On your wedding day I will capture it all, the details, excitement, tears, beauty, and the joy. 


You NEED to have a photographer who knows what to do when the unexpected happens. I am here to help your day run smoothly and look fantastic. My experience has me equipped with knowledge to properly handle unplanned last minute changes that happen throughout the day. 


Today's market is saturated with trends, and we all know trends fade. My photography style is true to life. Images are processed to be organically vibrant and natural without filters. Each image is carefully hand edited by myself.


I understand not every couple is a model and may feel uncomfortable in front of a lens. NO WORRIES!

Through the use of prompts and guidelines I construct pleasing candid imagery for all of my clients.


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Taylor O'Connor

Honestly, it was a wonderful, professional experience! She knew exactly where to go based off my suggestions. She told me everything I needed to bring. It was quick enough in each area we took photos where it didn't seem like it was dragging on but long enough to where I felt like a lot of the shots probably came out very well thanks to her coaching on how I should be smiling/standing/posing if I didn't have any other ideas on what to do. 10/10!


Hannah Burkardt

Danielle is fun and patient! We had our two crazy dogs on our shoot and Danielle knew just what to do to get the best photos! I’m not sure how she did it but she did a FANTASTIC JOB I will be using her for every family photo session we ever need! And I am going to recommend her to EVERYONE I KNOW! 💕💕💕


Ashlee Maza

Danielle and her crew shot our wedding two years ago in the Japanese Friendship Garden, in November at 5pm. Just know she was dealing with about three minutes of good light with a small amount of space to move around. Amazingly, as bridezilla, I didn’t even notice her during the ceremony. She moved very quickly and captured such adorable and special shots of us doin’ our thing. Her edits to the near-dark ceremony photos made all the difference. I highly recommend working with Danielle. She is a friendly, professional, and creative artist that has a lot to offer.


Justice Jansen

I had Danielle photo shoot my ethnic wedding in December and She. Was. Amazing. Even after 6+ months after my Chinese Wedding, my friends and family cannot stop talking about how beautiful the photos came out.

Danielle is just an excellent person. She communicated the entire time with my husband and I for what we wanted coverage of, especially because it was a different kind of wedding experience. Her pricing was competitive, affordable, and respectful to our budget. She just simply took care of us. She's so professional and friendly that my family first thought she was only a close friend of mine! I had to let them know she was my photographer.

I recommend Danielle so much I will be booking her again soon!


Additional Wedding Planning

Still planning other aspects to your weddings day? Here are other industry related professionals who I highly recommend checking out!


DJ Nick Adidas

I've been a DJ since 1999.  I was inspired to DJ through a friend of mine from Chicago when I was 15.  Pursuing that dream has me where I am today!  I currently DJ at various private events, weddings, company events, schools, restaurants  and Guitar Center Lessons.


Neil Concepcion

DJ Hybrid Thirty3 has been in the industry for the better part of twenty five years. Doing parties for celebrities like Paul Konerko and Robert Irvine as well as corporations like Heineken. ICE has brought together the best of the best making your party the best it can be!


Steven Burkhart

I started shooting weddings several years ago and haven't looked back. I freeze once-in-a-lifetime moment that people will cherish forever and re-live for years to come.

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